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The true severity of a slip and fall accident can be hard to grasp – until it happens to a loved one or even yourself. The truth is that the unexpected nature of most slip and fall or trip and fall incidents makes them quite dangerous, especially since they can result in life-threatening injuries.

For this reason, the state of Maryland permits victims of these falling accidents to pursue damages against those who can be ruled responsible for causing them.

MD Slip And Fall Lawyers

Our experienced slip and fall lawyers can review your case and explain which legal avenues for compensation may be at your disposal.

Insurance can help pay for some of your bills, but it is unlikely to take into account all of the true damages you’ve suffered. Physical & emotional pain, loss of companionship, and lost wages are some of the types of damages that can be awarded by a lawsuit and which are rarely covered by insurance policies.

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Should I Get A Lawyer For A Slip And Fall?

Victims of slip and fall accidents, whether they suffered their falling accident in a grocery store, retail shop, restaurant, or private property, hardly ever think of filing a slip and fall lawsuit as a first option.

In fact, most try to heal and return as soon as possible to their regular lives. However, the effects of slip and fall accidents are often hard to ignore. When the accident negatively impacts the life of a victim, then it can be wise to seek legal help.

A slip, trip, and fall attorney can analyze your case and determine which legal avenues for compensation exist. If a negligent property owner can be held responsible for not maintaining a sidewalk, your attorney will highlight so. If a supermarket chain is negligent in safeguarding the health of shoppers, a slip and fall lawyer can be a force in holding them accountable. Wherever premises liability laws are violated, our falling accident attorneys will proudly fight for the rights of victims of such major negligence.

It is the job of a slip and fall accident lawyer to prove that the property owner was negligent in their duty to keep their guests safe and should, therefore, pay for any damages that resulted directly from the accident.

Premises Liability Law

If you’re pursuing a slip and fall lawsuit in Maryland, it is likely that your claim will be based on a violation of premises liability law. But what is it exactly?

Premises liability law defines how responsible a property owner is for the health and safety of the visitors on their property.

It can be easy to reach the conclusion that the owner of the property is always responsible for its upkeep, as well as any injuries that occur on-site. However, this is not always the case. Premises liability can be quite intricate with numerous exceptions that free an owner from liability, whether in whole or in part.

Slip, Trip And Fall Statistics Graph

Slip, Trip, And Fall Statistics

By breaking down the numbers on slip and fall accidents, one can garner a greater understanding of how serious a risk these kinds of personal injuries are.

  1. More than 25% of older adults in Maryland suffer from falling accidents
  2. Nearly 7 of every 10,000 Maryland residents dies from a falling injury
  3. More than 800,000 patients are hospitalized nationally each year due to fall injuries
  4. Over 95% of hip fractures are caused by falling accidents. This type of fracture can prove particularly deadly for older adult victims.
  5. More than 300,000 older adults are hospitalized for hip fractures in the United States each year
  6. Maryland’s mortality rate for falls is greater than the national average

The above list, while brief, should help to paint a picture of the grim reality of slip and fall accidents in Maryland and the entire United States. They are much more likely to occur to you or a loved one than you might think, and often at the most abrupt moment.

Types of Falling Accident Injuries

Those unfamiliar with slip and falls, or any other type of falling accident, may be surprised to learn of the injuries that can result. Up next, we share some of the injuries seen in slip, trip, and fall accidents:

  • Bone fractures, particularly in the back, arms, ankles, wrists, and hips
  • Head trauma and traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Ligament sprains and tears
  • Concussions
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Internal bleeding
  • Nerve damage

It’s startling if not difficult to grasp the extensive range of severe injuries that can result from slip and falls.

It has been noted in the past that, since falling injuries are inherently unexpected, they are much more hazardous. Victims are often unable to brace themselves for a fall on a hard surface and can hurt themselves even more by trying to brace for the impact. Falling accidents are not reserved to specific places, either. Individuals can suffer an injury-causing fall at home as well as on the street or in a store.

Settlements And Compensation For Slip And Fall Lawsuits

Slip and fall lawsuits are widely understood to be a type of legal claim that can award victims with large financial compensations. This, in turn, leads many persons who’ve suffered such an accident to ask themselves “how much can you get for a slip and fall?”

As with other injury cases, it would be incorrect to attempt to calculate the value of a case by comparing it with past cases. There are so many variables that differ from one case to the next, that this exercise is widely recognized as moot.

Only by litigating a slip and fall case can its true potential value be learned. If you’re wondering how much your own case may be worth, or what legal options exist for someone in your position, we can help.

Through a slip and fall case review, our falling accident lawyers will be able to explain the types of compensation you may be entitled to. In many cases, slip and fall cases cover medical bills, lost wages (past and future), emotional & physical pain, and even loss of companionship and enjoyment of life.

Filing a lawsuit may not be able to change the past and undo the injuries you’ve suffered and the trauma you’ve had to endure. But it can definitely help you to feel like justice has been done, and provide the financial support that allows you to recover and heal with dignity.

Free Slip And Fall Case Review

If you or someone you know has suffered injuries in a slip and fall or another type of falling accident, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced legal team today. We offer free legal consultations and only charge a fee when we are able to obtain compensation for the clients we represent. If you’re not sure whether you have a claim or not, contact us and get the legal information you need.

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