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Whether you realize it or not, natural gases of one type or another likely play a large part in your life. Yet, the convenience contributed by the use of gas for cooking, heating, or else doesn't always counteract the health risks posed. 

None other than gas explosion victims understand the true price of this convenience.

MD Gas Explosion Lawyers

If a gas explosion accident left you or a loved one with personal injuries or other damages, it's likely that a safety system failed at some point. This failure may have been one in a chain of numerous other breakdowns in safety measures. Correspondingly, one or more parties may be held liable for your damages.

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How Do Gas Explosion Accidents Occur?

Propane, methane, and butane - it's likely that these names sound familiar to you. That's because these three gases, along with carbon monoxide, are some of the most common gases encountered in the homes of Maryland's residents.

The presence of these gases in the home isn't necessarily a concern; in fact, natural gases fulfill important roles within the home. They serve as a very efficient and economical source of energy when it comes to cooking our meals, heating air and water, and much more. The risks associated with natural gases arise when safety measures fail. 

Such gases should always be contained in regulated containers under specific amounts of pressure. Most importantly, they should not be allowed to accumulate in closed or otherwise unventilated areas such as the inside of a home.

When these gases accumulate in high concentrations within closed spaces, they can be deadly in a number of ways. First of all, inhaling them can cause individuals to asphyxiate. Perhaps even more concerning is the potential for these volatile gases to become ignited and cause a precipitous explosion.

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Who Can Be Sued In A Gas Explosion?

As mentioned earlier, when gas explosions occur, it's usually because a number of safety measures have failed. Depending on which safety measure failed, any number of parties may be held liable. For example:

  • Gas provider - issues in the gas supply can create dangerous conditions and lead to an explosion
  • Tank manufacturer - many gases are sold or transported in tanks. If the manufacturer of the tank failed to produce a safe container, they may be held liable for damages. Automobile gas tank manufacturers can also fall under this category.
  • Valve & pipe manufacturer - valves and pipes are just as important to safety as the containers that keep gases under pressure. If these devices fail, the caustic gases may be released and cause a deadly explosion
  • Construction companies and contractors - these parties are most likely to be held liable in a residential home gas explosion. If proper procedures were not following when laying gas pipelines within a home and this led to damages, they can be held responsible in a court of law.

The above are only some broad examples. To get a more complete understanding of who you may take legal action against if you were injured in a gas explosion, get in touch with our injury attorneys now for a free case review.

Types Of Gas Explosion Injuries

Gas explosion accidents can be very dynamic.

There are many different circumstances that can trigger a gas explosion. The environments where they happen can be just as varied. Considering these two facts, it's important to understand that the injuries resulting from gas explosions can range from mild, to very severe, to outright deadly.

In many ways, natural gas explosions are akin to bomb detonations, as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) points out. The most notable feature of both types of explosions being that they produce a powerful blast that can cause irreparable damage to people nearby.

This blast wave is likely to cause damage to many bodily systems, including:

  • Lungs
  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • GI tract
  • Brain

In medicine, blast lung, blast belly, blast ear, blast eye, and blast brain are terms used to describe the effects of such explosions on the body.

Gas Explosions At Work

Welders, energy engineers, surveyors, miners, loggers, and geologists are only a couple of the careers that use natural gas in their day-to-day routines. These professions are mostly safe but when accidents happen, they are likely to result in severe injuries, thanks in no small part to the fact that they often involve gas explosions.

Employees who suffer injuries from gas explosion accidents at work are likely to wonder their options for compensation after such unexpected tragedies take place. Unfortunately, it is rare that a worker injured by a gas explosion is able to file a lawsuit against their employer. On the other hand, they have the right to file a workers' compensation claim that covers their medical expenses, lost wages and more. 

Filing these claims is a legal process; this means that it's easy for a person untrained in the legal profession to make mistakes to the detriment of their claim. Our lawyers can help employees injured in gas explosions at work to get the compensation they deserve.

Injury victims deserve to have the chance to heal from their ailments without having to worry about their compensation being denied. Our team is proud to support victims and their loved ones throughout the process. We are passionate about getting our clients the maximum compensation for their case because we understand how much it means to them and how much they need it to get back on their feet.

Our Gas Explosion Law Firm

A lawsuit involving injuries from a gas-prompted explosion is a complicated process that can lead to significant financial and personal hardships, as well as emotional distress. If you or someone you love has been injured by a gas-prompted explosion, contact us today for help. It is never too late to learn about your legal rights.

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