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Whenever building collapses occur, it is widely acknowledged that such an accident could have been prevented. Indeed, there are many safety measures put in place, both at the state and federal level, intended to avoid these incidents.

Yet, they continue to happen and victims continue suffering severe injuries or worse.

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When negligence leads to deadly or damaging building collapse accidents, victims and their survivors have the right to take legal action. Only by holding responsible parties accountable for their recklessness can future incidents be avoided.

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Who Is Responsible For A Building Collapse?

The circumstances that lead to building collapses can be extremely varied. Moreover, the collapse itself can vary in degrees from minimal, to partial, to complete, and anywhere in between. Depending on the extent of the collapse and the cause that is ultimately determined, one or numerous individuals, private companies, or other entities may be considered legally liable.

For this reason, it's absolutely critical to discuss your legal options with an experienced building collapse lawyer if you've suffered injuries or damages and are considering taking action. Even if you're certain of what caused a collapse and who was responsible for it, there are a significant number of factors to consider and evidence to collect before a building collapse lawsuit can be filed.

Building Collapse Lawsuit: Premises Liability

To protect the lives of building occupants and any workers who may be present, property owners must maintain their buildings, keeping them in a reasonably safe condition. In the event that they fail to achieve this and others are injured, the victims are entitled to compensation from the defendants. This compensation is generally achieved through a lawsuit.

On the other hand, if an individual is working inside of an apartment, determining liability may be less straightforward. This is because certain upkeep tasks and maintenance duties are the responsibility of the landlord or property owner and others belong to the active tenant. Regardless of the circumstances, contacting our building collapse lawyer will help you establish who exactly is responsible.

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What Can Cause A Construction Collapse?

The structural integrity of a building is dependent on engineering predictions and optimization, both ethically and legally. An engineer must consider the strength of materials, loads, and physical forces when determining a building's structural integrity. The right calculation should ensure that a building remains stable throughout its construction and long after occupancy. Nevertheless, engineer negligence, which often results in worker injuries, is at the root of most Maryland building collapses.

The proper materials must also be used by independent contractors and subcontractors. In the absence of strict architectural plans, these companies put their workers' lives in danger. The structures fall under their own weight if cheap materials are used when stronger ones are needed - severely injuring those below.

We have handled cases in which materials directly sold with a structural defect have caused Maryland construction accidents. We have been able to secure ample settlements for clients against several construction material producers who were found responsible for catastrophic negligence and defective product liability.

Improperly constructed foundations are responsible for many Maryland building collapses. It has sometimes been found that foundations are built over improperly suited soil types. Others had improperly tamped fill materials. According to Maryland's building code, structural engineers must thoroughly investigate and certify these factors. In reality, however, many structures have unsound foundations that essentially doom them to collapse from the start.

Building Collapse Injuries From Demolitions

There are many old buildings in Maryland, some of which have fallen into disrepair. Still, investors and businesses value the land on which they stand. Due to this, demolition projects are happening across the state.

During a demolition project, workers are frequently injured when a building collapses. In some cases, our client's building collapsed due to demolition occurring in the adjacent property. Demolition of buildings is often accomplished through the use of wrecking balls, excavators, and hydraulic equipment. While such tools are powerful and efficient, they can also cause significant damage if the operator is untrained or even distracted.

In demolition sites, accidents can happen no matter how close you are, and negligence is often to blame for those that occur.

Ceiling Collapse Accidents

Another hazard experienced by repairmen and renovators as well as construction laborers is the collapse of ceilings in older, poorly-maintained structures.

Many older structures have weak ceilings, which can collapse on workers below at any moment due to environmental conditions, time, and use. Such collapses are often the fault of a property owner who fails to maintain the premises properly.

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All things considered, victims and their loved ones are usually left to deal with the repercussions of a building collapse on their own. A building collapse can have profound effects on a person's life. Our construction accident lawyers understand this. Injuries may be severe, medical bills may be astronomical, and victims may also be traumatized. The result can be a permanent disability as well, rendering victims unable to perform their job duties or hold any job at all.

This is why we want to help. Injured Maryland construction workers have relied on our lawyers for decades, and we can help you, too. Across the entire state, we have assisted injured workers. You can begin recuperating your peace of mind by contacting us today for a free consultation.

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