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Participating in sports is one of the preferred ways for residents of Maryland to exercise, especially because it is usually an entertaining endeavor.

Correspondingly, with sports also come sports injuries. In many cases, these are unavoidable if not a regular part of the game; however, when negligence is found to be the cause of such injuries, victims have the right to seek compensation to cover the damages suffered.

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Many factors must be taken into account before moving forward with a sports injury claim. Contact our experienced team of personal injury attorneys now to learn more about your rights and potential compensation. Consultations are 100% free of cost and obligation.

Can I Sue For A Sports Injury?

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your own sports injury or that of a loved one, you may or may not have grounds for a sports injury lawsuit.

For such a legal claim to have a strong foundation, it is necessary to prove that negligence occurred. Said negligent act(s) must then be linked to the victim's injuries. Often, it must also be demonstrated how, had the careless act had not occurred, the victim would not have suffered damages. Lastly, the victim's damages must be calculated in order to propose an award sum that will then be approved or modified in court.

The previous steps must be succesfully traversed in any negligence or presonal injury claim. In the case of a sports injury lawsuit, the party to be held responsible for their negligent behavior could be:

  • Coach
  • Athletic director
  • Personal trainer
  • Team or organization
  • Universities & Colleges
  • Another player
  • Equipment manufacturer
  • Field operator

These are only some of the most common defendant encountered in sports injury cases. To better understand your rights and who if anyone can be held responsible for your sports injury, speak with our team today.

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Which Sports Have Led To Injury Lawsuits?

Some contact sports are notorious for injuries; football is probably the first to come to mind. Yet, the fact of the matter is that severe sports injuries caused by negligence can appear in any activity. In the past, our sports injury law firm has seen claims related to:

  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Wresting
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Cheerleading
  • Water polo

These are only some of the sports most plagued by injuries; many more exist.

NCAA Concussion Injury Litigation

As mentioned above, football is likely the first activity that comes to mind when the topic of sports injuries arises. This is probably due to the fact that the NCAA has already faced lawsuits over head injuries in college football players. 

Many of the claims allege that the NCAA itself, as well as universities and athletic conferences, failed to warn athletes of the pontentially-permanent health risks they faced by participating. Indeed, many individuals are currently struggling with brain disorders after having played in college and professional football leagues.

Some of these cases have been presented as class-action lawsuits, others are individual claims. Regardless, it does seem like the justice system is becoming aware of the harm done to so many unsuspecting victims over so many years. A great example of this is seen in a recent court ruling where former NCAA sport participants were greanted free "medical monitoring" until 2069 (50 years.) This result has opened the door for many others to seek justice and achieve the compensation they deserve.

Most Common Types Of Sports Injuries

Some of the most common types of sports injuries include...

Bone Fractures

Broken bones are one of the most common types on injuries encountered in athletic sports. Fractures occur in varying degrees and some types, such as stress or hairline fractures, are more common in some sports than in others. In many cases, fractures can require medical treatment, supervision, medication, and rehabilitative therapy if they are to properly heal. All of this professional attention often carries with it substantial costs that can be covered by a sports injury lawsuit.

Ligament Damage

Like fractures, ligaments sprains and tears are quite common across sports. Ligaments are a key part of most of the body's joints, and strenous physical activity can push them to the limit. In contact sports, ligaments are also one of the most-commonly injured anatomical structures. Depending on the degree of the injury, either minimal or significant medical intervention may be necessary for recovery.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are one of the most painful and severely disabling injuries that can occur in sports. The spinal cord can become damaged if one player is tackled by another; likewise, if a player jumps high in the air and is then knocked off-balance, their body may become contorted and poorly positioned when they land, leading to fractured vertebrae and/or severing of the spinal cord.

Head Injuries In Sports

It should come as no surprise that head and brain injuries are usually the number one concern in any sport. This is because even mild head injuries can have devastating effects of the lives of the victims who suffer them.

The brain is our most vital organ. Unfortunately, unlike bones, ligaments, and other parts of our body, the brain does not regenerate as readily. This is to say, a brain injury suffered early on in development can cause stunted growth for an entire lifetime.

Some examples of head injuries in sports include concussions (of any degree), tramatic brain injuries (TBIs), and fractures of the cranium. Other critical organs, including our eyes, ears, nose, and mouth are also present on the head and may also suffer physical trauma during sports.

When To Hire A Sport Injury Lawyer

You may be thinking that while sports injuries occur with regularity, sports injury lawsuits do not appear to be nearly as common. This is correct, simply because many sports injuries are not caused by negligence. There is only so many safety standard that can be implemented and followed to prevent injuries; after a certain point, the risks inherent to the game will always remain.

However, it is also true that many victims of sports injuries simply do not know that they have the option of taking legal action. This is exactly why our law firm offers free consultations for any who believe they may have a case. Widespread access to justice is a founding principle of The Blank Kim Injury Law, and we strive every day to achieve it.

So while it's always advised to discuss your case with a lawyer, there are some factors that should let you understand that you need an attorney. Most notably, if the expenses from a sports injury have become unbearable, or if an insurance company is refusing to cover them, or if you have missed out on past and potential wages, then it's quite possible that you have a genuine case on your hands. An experienced sports injury lawyer will be able to analyze the incident, tabulate your damages, and determine who can be held accountable.

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