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If you or a loved one were injured in Maryland while riding a bicycle through no fault of your own, our bicycle accident attorneys can help.

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With years of experience fighting for personal injury victims' rights, it is time to find out what our lawyers can do for you. The Blank Kim Injury Law' auto accident attorneys provide excellent client service and aggressive legal representation to give victims of bike accidents their best chance at getting compensation.

We offer free injury consultations for anyone who may be thinking of taking legal action. Even if you're not sure whether you have the right to file a lawsuit and seek compensation, our law firm will analyze your case and explain the options in a free consultation.

How To File A Bicycle Accident Lawsuit

The statistics are sobering: each year, tens of thousands of bicyclists are injured in the United States. Some of these result in minimal injuries, while others are lethal. Regrettably, the number of fatal bicycle accidents has increased in recent years.

Victims of bicycle accidents can file a personal injury lawsuit to get compensation for medical costs and other damages. Here are some things the process entails:

  1. Determining who was negligent in causing the accident
  2. Evaluating what damages the victim sustained
  3. Negotiating with the defendant for a fair settlement

While it may sound simple on paper, personal injury claims surrounding bicycle accidents can be quite complex. This is because many different laws can prove who was responsible for the accident and who is liable for the damages.

bicycle accident lawyers fight for maryland riders
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Who Is Responsible In A Bicycle Accident?

Bicycle accidents and personal injury lawsuits are common but proving fault in a bicycle accident can be difficult. 

Bicycles are defined as vehicles under Maryland law. When a bicycle and automobile collide, generally, the driver of the car is responsible for the accident.

Liability in bicycle accidents is determined based upon how much care was required to avoid the accident. To do this, we first look to see if the cyclist or the driver had a duty to act responsibly (i.e., not cause an accident) and whether they breached that duty.

Duty To Act Responsibly

The injured party must demonstrate a duty of reasonable care was owed under Maryland law in order for liability to be established in most cases. A driver owes a duty of reasonable care to the cyclist (or any other vehicle on the road) to operate their vehicle within the limits of the law and avoid collisions to the best of their abilities.

Establishing Liability

To properly establish liability in most cases, a driver must also have breached their duty of reasonable care to the cyclist. A breach occurs when a driver improperly acts or fails to act; this may occur by not adhering to traffic laws, failing to yield right of way, or running a red light.

For example, if a driver was traveling at the speed limit, had good visibility, and had the right of way at an intersection, they would probably not be found liable for a cyclist's injury if an accident occurred. The important thing for drivers to remember is that they may be responsible not only for their own conduct; drivers must also make reasonable efforts to see and avoid potential collisions. Drivers in Maryland are not required by law to drive defensively or avoid accidents.

When To Hire A Lawyer After A Bicycle Accident

If you've been in a bicycle accident and are looking for a lawyer, you likely have many questions. What's the first step? How do I find a bicycle accident lawyer? Who is the best person to speak with - an attorney or another professional in the legal field?

Look first at what caused the accident: A driver might be at fault, or maybe there was a mechanical failure on the bike. Next, see if another cyclist might have been involved and if there were any witnesses on-scene.

If you're still uncertain whether you're entitled to compensation after a bicycle accident, contact the Blank Kim Injury Law for a free consultation. Our attorneys can walk you through the process of filing a bicycle accident lawsuit in Maryland; we can also clarify the factors to be considered when determining the value of a bicycle accident claim.

Value Of A Bicycle Accident Lawsuit

The following are considered when analyzing the value of a bike accident claim:

  • The severity of the injury;
  • The level of pain and suffering resulting from the injury;
  • The extent of medical care required in order to recover from the accident;
  • The degree to which a victim loses income due to lost time at work, thereby incurring expenses as a result.

There may be additional factors specific to your circumstances that can influence the value of your claim.

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